Public Codes and Telephone Interconnect

Public Codes and the Emergency * 911 auto patch on the UHF system is available on the full time Link through all of the participating repeaters.  Other features include a Private Auto Patch and other Private functions by members only. 

The system is an open repeater system for use at anytime by any licensed amateur and the auto patch can be used with the assistance of a control operator if one would like to make a call.  The Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Clayton, Coats and Wendell area repeaters can be used for the local phone patch.  Emergency auto patch can be used from any repeater.  We use 100 Hz PL because of occasional interference and to make use of linking functions in the systems engineering. If you are from another area and desire to use the IRLP-VoIP linking while in its coverage area, feel free to contact a Control Operator while here or e-mail in advance to K4JDR  to assist you.

The Public functions include:                                                                       
Emergency Auto patch to Raleigh 911, transfers emergency calls to other Cities and Counties in the coverage areas including the NC State Highway Patrol.  # 7 Disconnects.

Time and Temp ( * 4 5 6
90 second Weather Broadcast ( * 4 5

A signal meter check can be done into the
441.725 Hub Repeater as well if you are in its coverage area, the code is:

S- Meter ( * 3 2 )  Other repeaters on the link when entering this code will give you the link radios signal report into the Hub only.

As Always PLEASE ID before entering any touch tones to access the repeater functions.

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