EchoLink 42704,   K4JDR/R Carolina 440 Server     

The UHF Link System has EchoLink, Node 42704 and it is available to connect with other repeater systems in the US.  The Raleigh System requires a prefix code of 4 #  Then the normal node number all in one stream. #  Disconnects EchoLink.

Members have access to use Quick Codes to access certain common EchoLink Nodes for the Carolina 440 System. 

International stations are blocked and only United States, Iraq and Afghanistan connections can be made. 

Contact K4JDR for access to EchoLink other than through the repeaters.  Questions and request can be sent to: 
k4jdr at

Give the EchoLink call sign and info in your request note. Entering TouchTone® 4 1 1 will give info over the air on our the local repeaters.

As always PLEASE ID before entering any touch tones to access any function.

EchoLink Node Status and Connections


EchoLink Public Proxy List:


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