Mission Statement and Purpose

Our Mission is to promote and foster fellowship in the technical education and use of
Amateur Radio through training, mentoring, participating and assisting the communities
we live.  We want to provide, when requested, Amateur Radio Operations and experience
during emergency and non-emergency situations.  When called upon by Governmental
Agencies, have available our technical resources to assist in every means possible in
order to provide health and safety communication services.

The purpose of the Southeastern Emergency Communications Network, a Corporation,
is to operate, maintain and expand the Carolina 440 UHF Link System based in Raleigh, NC
located in the Southeastern, US.  The radio systems are available to
FCC Licensed Amateur
Radio Operators primarily for Emergency Communications and for general
Amateur Radio
use.  The systems are used by several public service groups, Community
Emergency Response
Teams, NWS SKYWARN programs, National Hurricane Center,
Canine Emergency Response Teams, Urban Search and Rescue Teams
and other Charitable
fundraising groups during community events for health and safety
coordination.  Our goal is to
expand the system to a wide coverage state system,
( See VISAR ) In addition the Corporation
engages in communications training activities,
technical maintenance and education for
emergency communications and simulation drills.    

Southeastern Emergency Communications Network/Carolina 440 UHF Link System



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