K4JDR 10 Meter Beacon

On air since 1996

K4JDR /Beacon is a Uniden HR-2510 set up with a homebrew project case enclosure using a Com-Spec ID- 8 Identifier. Antenna is a Solarcon A 99 cut to Frequency. Omni-Vertical at 26 Feet AGL for a total of 348 ft. ASL. The Power Output is approximately 12 Watts.

Frequency of Beacon :  10 Meters at 28.298 Mhz
Location of Beacon :   Grid Sq. FM05  (Johnston Co. south of Raleigh, N.C.)
Latitude:      35 - 35 - 17 N
Longitude:   078 - 36 - 03 W
Message of Beacon :  V V V  DE K4JDR BCN QTH RALEIGH, NC FM 05 RNG
                                      10 WTS VERT QSL K4JDR AT JUNO.COM AR


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                 K4JDR 10 meter Beacon 



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