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Repeaters on the Link System 

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441.725 West Raleigh, NC (Backbone Hub) 
K4JDR Linking Repeater   


 VXR 5000U Vertex 

Its equipment consists of: 

Vertex VXR 5000 Repeater
Pacific Research, RI-310 Controller v2.11 
120 second DVR, AD-3 audio delay board @ 62.5ms delay

DB-4070 BP/BR duplexor cavities

DCI Filters are used on the link radios and repeaters to filter out other services 
outside the Amateur Bands.

DCI Band Pass filter  Click here to  View graph 1  View Graph 2  

RFI Surge Suppressor
Sentry RFI Surge Power strip

RS-20BB, 12 V Power Supply with a automatic 85 AH Battery Backup
Thermal 4 inch Cooling Fan for PA

Diamond X700NA
Antenna at 320 Ft. 
Andrews, Heliax 7/8" hard line
Times Microwave, LMR-400 Jumpers
Allcom RG400U jumpers
Diamond 2m/70cm diplexer
Polyphaser IS-50NX Surge Arrestor

EAR #5120 Weather Radio (SAME)                                                   
Decibel, DB4001-1 band pass filter cavity for 162.450mhz
Home Brew WX interface and modifications
Home Brew, 90 sec. WX Broadcast Circuit
Home Brew, Wx Radio, Reset Circuit
Home Brew, VHF 1/4 wave Weather Radio Antenna
Home Brew, Notch, 1/2 wave stub filter.
6 Ft. 19 inch Repeater Rack Assembly


The K4JDR Backbone Hub Repeater consists of a commercial Vertex VXR 5000 with a Pacific Research, RI-310 Controller including a 120 minute DVR.  The Repeater is presently Running 22 Watts out the duplexer with .10 watts reflected ( 1 : 1 ) VSWR. The antenna is a Diamond X-700NA shared with the 146.775- 88.5 PL KD4RAA Repeater at 320 Feet AGL. The site is 468 Feet ASL. The antenna orientation is to the Northeast.





WX_Radio_Antenna1.JPG (285285 bytes)

This is the method that was used to make the 1/4 wave ground plane WX antenna.  Click on link above diagram for a antenna calculator.


441.725 & 444.675 tower Site
west of NC State Fairgrounds.

Communications Building at the 441.725 Hub and 444.675 site in Raleigh

KD4RAA 444.675+ 123.0 PL Repeater,  Node 5270 is on the top, It is a Kenwood running 20 Watts.  It has Times Microwave LMR-400 and RG-400U jumpers. A Polyphaser is in line prior to duplexers above the cabinet. The Hub repeater is inside the cabinet with a UHF mobile that has been modified and interfaced into the controller. It is using a 6 element yagi at 85 Feet pointed east at 85 degrees. The bottom half of the cabinet is the 146.775 KD4RAA Repeater that shares the Hub cabinet at the site.


This is the Kenwood 444.675 repeater at the fairgrounds site.

A look into the Building, the 725 Hub and 675 is on the left at the end.


A shot of the 360 ft. Tower


Rob Noble, a Cary Firefighter and tower rigger for Nav-Com Communications, climbing the
Raleigh Hub repeater tower inspecting cables and removing a UHF link antenna.


Click HERE for more photos at the Hub Site 

We like to Thank Communication Specialist for allowing us to have this tower space for our Backbone Hub repeater at this site.


444.775+ 100 PL 
K4JDR Repeater
OLD location Cary, NC

GE Master IIe complete with Power Supply
Decibel DB-4070 BP/BR duplexer
Onan 650W Generator w/ auto switching station
RFI Surge Suppressor
Decibel DB 408, 6.6 db gain folded dipole omni
Rhon 55 Tower Equipment
7/8" Andrews, Heliax hard line
Times Microwave, LMR-400 Jumpers
Polyphaser IS-50NX Surge Arrestor
Celwave PD395 Bulkhead Mount Arrestor
Antenex, Y-4306 6 EL. Yagi, Link Antenna
GE, MLS-UHF Link Radio 10 watts output
5.5 Ft. 19 inch Repeater Rack Assembly

The Cary Repeater consists of a GE Master IIe  presently Running 22 Watts out the Decibel BP/BR duplexer. The tower site at ground level is 508 Feet. The antenna Height is 150 feet to the antenna. The height above the average terrain is 264 Feet. The antenna is a 460 Mhz cut Decibel DB 408, 6.6 db gain folded dipole omni with a 18 inch side mount on the Northwest side of a Rhon 55 tower also mounted on the North side of the Water Tanks catwalk, the signal is nulled to the south.

The feed line consist of 7/8" Andrews, heliax hard line with LMR-400 Jumpers.  The site has a UPS and Generator Power backup. 

This is a picture of the old Cary Repeaters RF deck hinged down. 

This is another picture of the old Cary repeater showing the PL card slot.


This is the UHF  Link antenna, pointed to the east at the Hub repeater.

upWatertower.JPG (34304 bytes)

A look up the old water tower

  This is a  Sentry pro generator that was installed in October 2003 
  to replace a older model. 


If you are interested in my field notes which contain many schematics and information on the equipment and addition items I had to build, please click Field Notes here or on the side bar and visit our Yahoo site for schematics.  The notes are in a PDF or jpeg format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader available at Adobe's web site.

We Like to THANK the Town of Cary for allowing us to have tower space at this site for over 16 years before the tank was removed.


444.1500 + 100 PL 
K4JDR  Repeater  
Clayton, NC 


Repeater presently OFF AIR.  



This is the Uniden ARU-251 Clayton Repeater.

     This is the K4JDR Clayton repeater cabinet.  The Clayton 147.390 repeater and cabinet is on top and the UHF repeater and the W4RAL-4,  145.010 BBS packet node and cavities are inside.

Clayton 444.150 + 100 PL

The Clayton repeater consist of a Uniden-Force, ARU Series Desktop Repeater receiver and a transmitter consisting of various home brew equipment mostly a GE, MLS mobile running 18 watts. It also has a GE, MLS Link radio transmitting 11 watts into a 6 element Maxrad yagi directed at the 441.725 Hub at 28 ft. External fans are directed onto the radios heat sink for cooling.   A Com-Spec TS-64 is used to decode CTCSS on the receiver.  Lightning protection consist of polyphasers, the repeater and the link radio along with a shared grounding system with the two meter WB4IUY 147.390 + 88.5 PL Repeater.  It has a Maxrad VHF/UHF diplexer with a DCI Band Pass filter (seen below) on the UHF repeaters feed line. 

DCI Band Pass filter
  Click here to  View graph 1  View Graph 2  
RFI Surge Suppressor
Sentry RFI Surge Power strip

Click HERE for more info on a Uniden ARU-251 repeater.

The 145.01 BBS W4RAL packet system shares the feed line and antenna.  The Diamond X-500A antenna is side mounted 24 inches out at 135 degrees SE on a Rhon 25G at a height of 172 feet to the base. The terrain is at 294 ft. ASL The repeater is nulled to the Northwest as the other Raleigh/Cary local repeaters provide coverage in this area.  Portable coverage should be around 7 to 10 miles at 90 % coverage and a mobile coverage around 20 - 30 miles with a total estimated coverage area around 1800 Square Miles around Clayton covering all of Johnston County with mobile coverage.  When traveling down I-40 to Wilmington you can expect a consistent mobile coverage to go as far as Newton Grove.  

K4JDR Installing the Clayton UHF Link Antenna.


Click HERE for more pictures of the 444.150 site.

We like to THANK the Lee family for allowing us to have tower space for this repeater.


                      444.325 + 100 PL 
                     KF4AUF Repeater      
            Holly Springs, NC 



The Holly Springs repeater was placed on the air June 21, 2003.  It is located in Holly Springs off of School Days Road on top of a Water Tank that is 139 foot above the ground to the top.  The ground elevation is 456 Feet above sea level.  The Antenna top elements are 159 Feet above ground for a total of 615 feet ASL.

The Repeater is a GE Mastr II with Power Supply and cabinet running 20 Watts out the PA.  It has a MCC / RC-100 Controller with a GM 300 Motorola Link radio using a 6 element Maxrad UHF yagi to link into the UHF Linking Hub of the K4JDR-KD4RAA Full time link System.

All of the systems functions can be accessed through all of the repeaters that are on the Link including additional linking on VoIP using the IRLP Node 4270.

See Pictures at:

  Butch, KF4AUF                        Water Tank


All Photos of the Holly Springs site courtesy Thomas Babb Photography, 
Harold (Butch) Henion and Ronnie J. Casey

We like to THANK the Town of Holly Springs for tower space.

          444.375+ 100 PL 
KB4WGA  Repeater

           Henderson, NC 


This is the KB4WGA Repeater in Henderson in the Watkins 
Community at the Vance/Granville County line.  The antenna is 
on the northeast side and all of the elements are pointed northeast
toward Henderson, NC.


Butch, KF4AUF did the climb here to install the Maxrad 
UHF Link antenna at 85 feet at the Henderson site.

We like to THANK Communication Structures and Pinnacle tower for tower space

           444.925+ 94.8 PL 
          KB4WGA Repeater 
              Durham, NC 


This is the KB4WGA, 444.925 Durham Repeater and site at the Durham County 
telecommunications shop with the receive antenna on top of the 400 ft tower 
and transmit antenna below.  It has a emergency power generator at the site 
pictured on the right.  The elevation at this site is 378 Ft. ASL.  A Motorola 
M-120 link radio is interfaced into the Motorola MSR-2000 repeater with a 
Micro Computer Concepts RC-100 Controller.

We like to THANK the Town of Durham for tower space.


   RTP, Durham, NC Repeater 
   443.625+ 100 PL    W4EUS


K4JDR installing the UHF link antenna at the RTP, 443.625 site.  This repeater is presently
not on the Link System.  It is being used by the Erickson Repeater Group.  A 900 mhz 
system is planned in the future and a UHF repeater for the link when the Erickson group
finds a repeater site.

We like to THANK Ready Mix Concrete Co. and Communication Structures for tower space.

           444.550 +100 PL 
           224.700 - 88.5 PL
                         K4JDR Repeater 


Above is the Coats-Benson repeater site located in the Coats Township.  The 444.550 and 
224.70 repeater is at the 300 ft level with a 7 db gain UHF antenna.  

The Coats repeater is a GE Mastr Executive II converted with a RC-100 controller from Micro Computer Concepts.  The repeater runs 28 Watts out of the decibel six can notch cavities.  A 20 amp Astron power supply is used to power the repeater and Motorola M-120 link radio to the Backbone Hub with a DCI pass band filter.

Click here for photos taken on the antenna work day. 

We would like to THANK Duke Net Communications for allowing us to be on this site, it is the path to the Coastal and Down East repeater systems.



           444.275+ 131.8 PL 
             NC4BJ Repeater

              Pine View, NC

This is the future site of the 444.275+ 100 PL Pineview repeater located 15 miles west 
of Lillington in the community of Pineview in Western Harnett County.  Antenna is on 
the top at 245 ft. in a elliptical pattern in the direction of southern Sanford to the north 
northwest and Fayetteville in the east southeast.  A GMRS repeater is presently at this 

Tower Pictures CLICK HERE

More pictures to come when system is completely installed.

We like to THANK the State of NC for tower space.

           444.875+ 100 PL
          KD4RAA Repeater
              Wendell, NC 


This is the site for the 444.875+ 100 PL Wendell site on Buffalo Road at the Wake County-Johnston County line North of Archers Lodge.  The antenna is at 365 ft. to the tip.  Microwave feed horns were removed in April 2005. 

This is the front of the 444.875 Mastr II

The KD4RAA, 444.8750+ 100 PL repeater is on the air at the permanent Wendell site on Buffalo Road near the Wake County-Johnston County line.  The repeater is a GE Mastr II running 65 watts into an antenna on top of the tower at 355 ft to center.  Coverage is expected to be 30 to 40 miles out with a mobile.  The repeater has a Arcom RC-210 high tier controller with the ability to not only link to our UHF backbone, but add an additional remote base for frequency agile linking to other systems.  


A front shot with Danny, KD4RAA

This is the rear of the Mastr II open.

  Danny with our mascot Elli.


We like to Thank the State of NC for us being at this site.



          443.450+ 100 PL
         KD4RAA Repeater

  Snow Camp, NC/ Cane Mt.
          (Western Hub)

This is the communications building for the Cane Mountain/Snow Camp 



This is the KD4RAA Cane Mountain repeater rack.  The top radios on 
the power supply are the WR4AGC Hillsboro 147.825 remote receiver 
for equipment for the WR4AGC 147.225 repeater.

This WR4AGC repeater is operated by the DFMA Club in Durham, N.C.


This is the Cane Mountain tower top.  The two DB-420 antennas are for
commercial repeaters and the dual band fiberglass stick in the middle is 
for the 147.825 remote receiver and the Cane Mountain UHF repeater.


This is a picture of the towers on Cane Mountain.  The antenna left of the
fire tower is where the Amateur radio repeaters are.


 more pictures coming soon. 

Scheduled to be on the air Winter 2007/2008 and on the full time link.

A test repeater was up for 1 year on 443.800.

We like to THANK Communication Structures for letting us have tower space at this site.

coverage map

          444.0250+ 100 PL
           K4JDR Repeater

            Smithfield, NC   
Temporarily on the air in test mode in Benson, NC at 75 feet.


pictures coming soon. 



The Smithfield repeater will be located off of Hwy 210 west of Smithfield at the County Landfield tower.  Antenna system is at 321 feet on the west side of the tower.


Scheduled to be on the air sometime in the Winter 2007.

We like to THANK Johnston County for allowing us to have tower space at this site.


             443.075+ 100 PL
             N4JDW Repeater

     Clinton, NC  ( Coastal Hub )   
More Pictures at:

This is the 443.075+ 100 PL  N4JDW repeater under construction in Davids' shop.


Here is David Wicker, N4JDW beside the 1-5/8 inch feed line that will be used on the tower.


This is the Sampson County tower located in the Taylor Bridge community south of Clinton.  It is presently under construction and will be in service sometime in June 2005.  Below is the building at the base of the tower.

The Clinton will be located in the Taylors Bridge community off of Hwy 421 South of Clinton on the Sampson County Tower that will be in service June 2005.  Amateur antenna system is at 480 feet on the North side of the tower.


A permanent repeater is planned to be placed in the building and will
be capable of a 100 watts output.  

New repeater hopefully to be on the air sometime in Summer 2006.

more pictures coming soon at:

We THANK the County of Sampson and Piedmont Communications for tower space.

          442.075+ 88.5 PL
                 N4JDW Repeater 

      Leland-Wilmington, NC   



This is the 442.075 and 145.170 Repeater cabinet at 
the Leland tower site.

Another shot with David, N4JDW.

The 442.075 will be on the UHF link system sometime 
in June 2005.  The 145.170 will have a on demand link 
to the UHF repeaters.

more pictures coming soon. 


          444.775+ 131.8 PL
             N4PLY Repeater 

            Castle Hayne, NC   


This is the 444.775 and 146.895 Repeaters at Castle Hayne, NC It is 
a Motorola Quantar and the link radio is a Motorola.


This is the top of the Castle Hayne antenna tower
displaying the antennas for the repeaters.  The UHF 
antenna on the right is on the South West side and
propagation is shaded toward Holly Ridge-Surf City 


Here is a shot of the feed line at the bulkhead. 
The Castle Hayne Repeater has 1-5/8" Comm-Scope
cell reach cable.


This is the 6 - element UHF Yagi Link antenna.


This is a shot of the 320 foot communications tower, the antenna for the 
444.775 + 88.5 PL is @ 310 to the center on the southwest side of the tower.

See info also at: 

             We THANK Progress Energy for tower space.

          444.075+  88.5 
         N4JDW  Repeater 

            Porters Neck, NC 
Lat:   34 - 18 - 04
                                 Long: 77 - 48 - 06




                 Porters Neck 350 ft AGL Tower @ 47 ft. ASL


                        Porters Neck repeater cabinet.


more pictures coming soon................

                     We THANK SEA-Comm for tower space.


          444.175+  88.5 

              Winnabow, NC 




              This is David, N4JDW with the temporary Supply 
              444.175. It is a Kenwood TKR-850 running 35 watts out
              the TX/RX Duplexers.



                   Supply 444.175 Cabinet in the corner.




              This is the building and emergency generator.



           This is the tower top, a DB-420 antenna with 7/8 inch
           heliax @ 360 feet that is in an elliptical pattern to the 
           NE to SW.  

Repeater moved to Winnabow, NC and is sponsored by the NC CARES Group.




more pictures details coming soon................




                      442.000+  88.5  PL
         N4HAJ Repeater 
  Kinston, NC (Down East Hub)

  More Pictures at:


pictures coming soon................








                      444.075+  100  PL
            N4HAJ Repeater      

                New Bern, NC



pictures coming soon................

          444.825+  88.5  PL 
        N4HAJ  Repeater  

     Newport/Morehead, NC 



This is the new Kenwood TKR-850 with a GE Ranger link radio 
running 60 watts to make the distance to Kinston.


This was the Kenwood desktop UHF 15 Watt first repeater for Newport, N.C.  This 
was in test mode until the new permanent repeater was put on the site.  The first 
system was on the air the afternoon of 28 December 2002.  The system is 
combined with a commercial UHF system using an antenna for receive and another for 
transmit.  Antenna system is a Decibel, DB-404 folded dipole antenna for receive.  The 
system also has a tower top pre-amp.  This site was secured and made possible made 
possible by Art Gill, KD4KTO.



               This is two shots of the 500 Ft broadcast tower at Morehead.
                The receive antenna is a Decibel DB-404



                         This is the Newport tower at the base.




          444.125+  91.5  PL
            N4HAJ Repeater

              Kornegay, NC 


This is the Kornegay site just west of Pink Hill, NC and North of 
Kenansville.  The repeater is a Kenwood TK-850 with a CAT-250 
controller in an outside cabinet.  The DB-420 antenna system is on 
top of the tower 486 feet AGL.


         444.425+  88.5  PL
            N4HAJ Repeater

       Fountain/Farmville, NC 





This is the Fountain repeater.  It is a Kenwood TKR-850.
Link radio is a Motorola M-120 with a Cat-200 controller.



This is the Fountain tower.


                     444.000+  100  PL 
N4HAJ  Repeater

     Archers Lodge, Selma, NC 


This is the GE Mastr II mobile/converted repeater
for Archers Lodge.  It has a Motorola M-120 Link 
radio and a Cat-200 Controller.


This is the Archers Lodge tower.  The 6-element
link antenna is below the first guy wire.  The antenna
is a DB-413 @ 250 feet on the southeast side.
The repeater antenna is shaded toward Raleigh.


This is the Communications Building.

More photos for N4HAJ at: 


  THANKS to Johnston County and Progress Energy for tower space.

VHF Repeater

Morehead City, N.C.  146.805 - 88.5 PL

KD4RAA Repeater   
(Not on UHF Link system)


The VHF Morehead repeater 146.805- 88.5 PL was installed on October 9, 2003 at the Answer-Quik paging site across from Morehead City Fire Station 1.  It has a operates on the 

                 Repeater is presently off the air

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